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Wesling Financial offers you peace of mind by placing your interests first and using tools and analyses covering the spectrum of best practices to support fully your goals and interests.

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Wesling Financial offers comprehensive financial advisory services based on the LIFE financial planning and advisory services approach, investment management supporting the comprehensive financial advisory services, and divorce financial analysis.

Wesling Financial Planning Services is a retainer-based, fee-only financial planning and services firm.

What are LIFE financial planning and advisory services?

Our clients are people who want to design, build, and live a meaningful life sustained by financial integrity. We rely on the four phases of the LIFE financial planning and advisory services approach. The LIFE financial planning and advisory services process is based on work by George Kinder, Roy Diliberto, Mitch Anthony and others. While they generally focus on the planning phase, the LIFE advisory approach expands their efforts to include the ongoing advisory services clients require throughout their lives. The LIFE process is the best process for clients because it works to reveal their deepest goals and produces both a plan and an ongoing system to advise clients as they reach their goals and then set new goals. This process is financial advice done right. It is based on your goals with an expert at your side until those goals are achieved.

L is for Learning. In the Learning phase, clients explore their feelings and emotions to discover their desires for the way they want to live their lives. These desires are at their heart's core. The desires at the client's heart's core become the destination for the clients and the planner.

I is for Inspiration. Once clients have embarked on the Learning Phase, they are often very excited about the life goals and desires they discovered. The planner embraces the hopes and dreams of the clients and becomes both inspired and a source of Inspiration. The clients often rely on the planner to keep their Inspiration alive and make the goals at their heart's core real and obtainable. Inspiration helps the clients to overcome any obstacles or roadblocks they might imagine.

F is for moving Forward. In the moving Forward stage, the clients and planner build the comprehensive (Need a link to the page describing a comprehensive financial plan) financial plan. The planner puts his or her knowledge and training to work to show the clients that what they believed to be unattainable a few days ago can be set down in a step-by-step plan that is real and achievable. Once the completed plan is put into action, it may take months or years to achieve the goals laid out by the client. The ongoing advisory services provided by Wesling Financial ensure the clients overcome any obstacles in their path.

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During the implementation phase, both client and planner rely on the high quality service providers who either currently work for our clients or those we can recommend to make your financial life goals a reality in the most effective and efficient manner. The service providers are experts who provide services and products to fulfill your financial life goals.

E is for Evolve. As clients begin to achieve their goals, they often experience life changes. Many times, clients want to reach higher than they thought originally. Sometimes, external life circumstances force changes. The Evolve step helps people manage these changes. During the Evolve step, the plan execution can be either completed or portions can be reviewed due to the need for more Learning, for example. the plan can be modified to accomplish changes to the goals. If the client has a set back, the plan may or may not need to be modified. If the client comes upon a windfall, then new and higher goals can be set. This is a process that continues at a greater or lesser pace throughout the life of the client.

The four stages of the LIFE Planning approach are not set in stone. As the process moves forward, events can and often do occur that require a review of previous stages. There may be a need for further Learning, additional Inspiration, more development of the plan to move Forward, and Evolution of the plan. Further, the steps are not necessarily linear. For example, as the plan moves Forward, additional Learning may be appropriate.

The LIFE Planning approach allows people to Live In Fulfillment Everyday.