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Engagement Reports

The quarterly reports provided by Wesling Financial to its clients are quite unique and incisive. These reports allow investors to compare their mutual fund selections against peer groups using quantitative measures that remain consistent quarter after quarter.

The Monitoring Report is a comprehensive report providing an excellent portfolio/plan summary for the client. The report includes general market performance information (equities, fixed income, and combined), your portfolio summary, your performance analysis, a comparison of your strategic asset allocation to your current asset allocation, an interactive Watch List of funds that may need to be replaced in accordance with the quantitative measures and lastly, detailed profiles for each fund in your portfolio.

The Quarterly Due Diligence Report illustrates which quantitative measures were satisfied or not satisfied for every mutual fund in your portfolio.

The Flash Report, a shorter version of the Monitoring Report, allows for in-depth analysis and comparison of the client's investments to their peer groups and indexes. This report includes the fund profiles and an assessment of the eight qualitative measures.

The eight qualitative measures are:

  • 1, 3 and 5 year performance
  • Alpha
  • Sharpe Ratio
  • Expense Ratio
  • Manager Tenure
  • Fund Size
  • Composition of the securities within the fund and
  • Fund style

How to Select a Broker

For information regarding choosing a broker or investment advisor please visit the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the FINRA. When considering this important decision, all investors should read the appropriate sections of Least Risk Investing: Avoiding Investment’s Most Common Pitfalls, Michael L. Gay, CFP, 2006 Intellipress, Holly MI. Investors should especially heed the quote attributed to William Bernstein (see page 103), “The stockbroker services his clients in the same way Bonnie and Clyde serviced banks.” It is absolutely essential that every investor, new or old understand the relationship and business models of stockbrokers, broker dealers, dual registered advisors, and Registered Investment Advisors (Wesling Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor with the legal duty to put clients’ interests ahead of our own).